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WEBINAR Discover the Cloud and Scale Out World of Ubuntu on IBM Wednesday, April 27 10 CT / Noon CT / 1 ET With 70+% usage in public clouds, docker, scale out workloads and large Openstack deployments, Ubuntu is the choice for the next generation. The future is changing - most new workloads are big distributed systems - many pieces of complex software that need to be set up and configured across many different hosts. That's why companies such as Time Warner, Bloomberg, Deutsche Telekom, Walmart, Netflix, Uber, Instagram, Wikipedia and over 65% of all major Openstack clouds and 70% of public clouds run on Ubuntu. They know it is critical to move towards Google-type operational efficiency, agility and productivity. Ubuntu on IBM is the answer. On this webinar you will not only hear about Ubuntu, but also about a future driven by advanced application modelling, reusable component and automated deployment and configuration. We will also discuss why Ubuntu is a great choice for IBM platforms and how you can get immediate access to this world on your existing IBM infrastructure. FEATURING: Dustin Kirkland Ubuntu Product and Strategy Manager REGISTER TODAY

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems - April 2016

Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: In the palm of my hand
IBM Perspective: SAP HANA on POWER helps propel the Power Systems transformation
Techbits: Cloud-powered prospecting
Partner PoV: Dispelling 5 myths that hold IBM i back from playing a strategic role in organizations
Trends: The pros and cons of waterfall, prototyping, incremental and agile development processes
Cover Story: Embracing the Digital Economy: How SAP HANA and Power Systems help clients transform disruption into advantage
Feature: POWER8 Boosts SAP HANA Performance: A flexible deployment approach helps four organizations gain a business edge
Champions Showcase: IBM Champions use education and social media to spread knowledge and enthusiasm about the platform
R&D: IBM's data privacy and consent management technology provides greater control
Solutions: GoAnywhere MFT; OpenLegacy V3.0
Snapshot: Troy Epley
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Power Systems
Linux on Power eBook
2016 Power Systems Solution Edition Product Index

IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems - April 2016