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EDITOR'S DESK PHOTOGRAPHY BY DAVID BOWMAN No Waiting ike most people, I hate waiting. I don't like waiting in line at the bank or grocery store. I'm annoyed at restaurants if the server or the food doesn't come right away. I despise sitting in traffic. Waiting feels like a waste of time and it's especially painful if I have something else more important to do. L Sometimes waiting makes me abandon purchases. We have a Chipotle in town that has lines so long every time I go that I almost always give up and take my business elsewhere- usually to the Taco Bell next door. It's inferior food, to be sure, but at least I'm eating something and am on my way. I guess my impatience is Chipotle's loss and Taco Bell's gain. How many of your customers abandon doing business with you because they're kept waiting? It's unpleasant to think about but a very real issue. And how much more could you be doing in your organization if you didn't have to wait for reports, analytics or whatever else you need to get the task done and move on? IBM is concerned about the wait. The Power Systems* team has focused on what it calls waitless computing and it's a good thing for IT everywhere. Whether that's making sure your customers have instantaneous service via mobile or getting valuable insight from near-real-time analytics, waitless computing is what consumers expect. The right Power Systems architecture can deliver that waitless experience to internal and external customers while driving down infrastructure costs. The cover story on page 16 focuses on that digital transformation and introduces new Linux* servers to the Power Systems CONTRIBUTORS Alan Wilcox Wing(chun)man Alan Wilcox, who wrote the Trends article on page 8, actively practices the martial art known as Ving Tsun (pronounced in English as wing chun). The art has about 2 million followers worldwide, the most famous of which was actor Bruce Lee. Legend says Ving Tsun was created by a woman 500 years ago, and Alan says many of his school's best practitioners are women. 4 // NOVEMBER 2015 family purpose-built to solve previously unaddressed problems. PurePower System* technology has also evolved to expand OS support and add flexibility with a new virtual HMC. You can read more about those enhancements on page 22. A great example of eliminating wait is found in the case study on page 12. An equipment rental company was able to save time and money with a modernization effort that its employees love. The Trends article and the IT Today article are both about services that IBM offers to help reduce costs and improve efficiency. Another time when waiting is impossible is during recovery from a security breach. The Tech Showcase on page 27 addresses how you can defend your organization and keep it running. I'm all for no waiting and I bet your customers are, too. Take the time to explore waitless computing and the services designed to help you retain business and increase revenue. Tami Deedrick // Managing Editor R Steve Craft Green card Canuck Steve Craft, photographer for the case study on page 12, was born in Toronto but entered and won a U.S. Green Card lottery and moved to Phoenix, Arizona. Steve sported a bowl haircut at 10 and a mullet in high school. He plays hockey twice a week and still listens to Rush.

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Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: No waiting
IBM Perspective: Changing the digital world
Partner PoV: Legacy RPG apps don't age well. It's time to modernize
Trends: Two Lab Services offerings benefit clients installing POWER8 servers
Case Study: Cutting Through The Fog: Sunstate Equipment Company increases operational visibility by modernizing a core application
Cover Story: Wait Less, Gain More: Transform to a digital business with new Linux systems
Feature: Innovation At The Speed of Business: Enhanced PurePower puts clients ahead of the pack
Tech Showcase: New Ponemon data breach study should encourage you to be proactive
IT Today: IBM helps clients make better decisions based on actual IT costs
Solutions: SQL/Pro 5.0; iSecurity User Provisioning; SourceMeter; iEventMonitor; SEQUEL 11
Snapshot: Terry Harmer
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Power Systems
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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems - November 2015