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Illustration by Craig Ward CENTRAL Cilasoft #ILASOFT RELEASES #%.42!, A SOFTWARE SOLUTION THAT GIVES )4 MANAGERS A unified view of data across multiple files, while also providing functionality for data-set distribution and command execution across multiple IBM i ENVIRONMENTS FROM A CENTRAL MACHINE #%.42!, FEATURES& s s s s DR FlashCopy Focal Point Solutions Group Focal Point Solutions Group releases Focal Point DR FlashCopy V2.0 featuring new scripting to support improved integration with MIMIX 8.0 from Vision Solutions. DR FlashCopy provides a reference architecture to enhance the business benefits of high availability (HA) for IBM i users in a bundled solution incorporating hardware, software and managed services. DR FlashCopy leverages IBM FlashCopy functionality to rapidly duplicate large amounts of data and objects on the IBM Storwize* external disk storage systems. DR FlashCopy: s s s s s s s s s %LIMINATES USER DOWNTIME TO MAKE A BACKUP COPY prior to disaster-recovery (DR) testing needed to check for missed objects in the original logical replication process 0ERMITS AS MANY TEST COPIES OF THE DATAVOLUMES AS desired to boost the test process 2EDUCES VULNERABILITY WINDOW BY PERFORMING LIVE backups while logical replication continues with no need to suspend mirroring 3IMPLIFIES THE TESTING QUALITY ASSURANCE PROCESS BY allowing all data during testing to remain in sync &ACILITATES LIVE CODE AND 04&LEVEL UPDATES ON THE $2 FlashCopy while maintaining fully in-sync systems between source and target &ACILITATES THE REPORTTESTING PROCESS FOLLOWING critical upgrades 3UPPORTS )"- "2-3 ENVIRONMENT AND 4IVOLI Storage Manager )S NOW AVAILABLE FOR CLIENT TESTING EITHER REMOTELY OR in person in a secure, fully functional DR FlashCopy Innovation Center at Baseline Data Services data center in Indianapolis, Indiana #AN BE BUNDLED WITH AN (! OR $2 SOLUTION TO PROVIDE clients with an affordable HA solution packaged with AN AFFORDABLE CLOUD (!$2 MANAGED SERVICES OFFERING R OS SUPPORT: OS agnostic R PRICE: Variable R URL: s s s s s s s 4WO VERSIONSˆ2UNTIME VERSION FOR #ILASOFT ENVIRONMENTS AND /PEN version for all database files or commands /PEN STRUCTURE THAT LETS YOU DEFINE ANY TYPE OF EXCHANGE 3YSTEM 'ROUPS THAT ALLOW SMART GROUPING OF MULTIPLE SYSTEMS 3CRIPTS INCLUDING 4YPE È&),% 3!6& #-$É $IRECTION È3.$ 2#6É )NSTRUCTIONS ÈON EITHER REMOTE ANDOR CENTRAL SYSTEMSÉ AND 4RANSPORT -ETHOD È!54/ &40 -!.5!,É 0REDEFINED CONSOLIDATION CONFIGURATION FOR #ILASOFT LOGS È#/.42/,%2 LOG %!- LOG 1*2. PREPARATION FILESÉ ,ARGE CHOICE OF SCHEDULING OPTIONS SUCH AS A SPECIFIC TIME EVERY DAY every x-number of minutes, repetitive or one time only, or with a specific calendar #OMPREHENSIVE ERROR TRACKING ÈCENTRAL AND REMOTE JOBS ARE IDENTIFIED joblog is automatically sent on error) -ANAGEMENT OF FILES ÈDATABASE FILES SAVE FILESÉ AND COMMANDS "IDIRECTIONAL ÈSEND OR RECEIVEÉ CAPABILITY -ULTIPLE DATA TRANSPORT AND EXCHANGE METHODS È&40 $$- 3!6234 MANUALÉ 3EGREGATED PROCESSES INCLUDING EXTRACTION TRANSPORT AND IMPORT (with customization options for each) R OS SUPPORT: IBM i 7.2-5.4 R PRICE: Variable R URL: GoDrive by GoAnywhere ,INOMA 3OFTWARE ,INOMA 3OFTWARE ANNOUNCES 'O$RIVE BY 'O!NYWHERE A SECURE ON PREMISE ENTERPRISE FILE SYNC AND SHARING È%&33É SOLUTION THAT TAKES DOCUMENT STORAGE OUT OF THE CLOUD AND PUTS )4 ADMINISTRATORS BACK IN control. GoDrive features include: s s s s s %ASY FILE AND FOLDER SHARING BETWEEN AUTHORIZED EMPLOYEES AND PARTNERS with advanced collaboration features including file revision tracking, commenting, a trash bin, media viewing and synchronization with Windows* and Apple devices %NDTOEND ENCRYPTION THAT PROTECTS SENSITIVE FILES AND LOCAL CONTROL TO MEET COMPLIANCE REQUIREMENTS &AMILIAR TOOLS LIKE DRAGNDROP AND IMAGE PREVIEWS FOR EASY ADOPTION $ETAILED AUDIT LOGS 0ROVEN SECURITY FEATURES OF THE 'O!NYWHERE 3ERVICES ADMINISTRATIVE tools, with the addition of device authorization and remote wipe capabilities R OS SUPPORT: !)8 )"- I ,INUX 7INDOWS 5.)8 (058 Solaris, Mac OS R PRICE: Starting at $1,500 with no subscription fees R URL: JULY 2015 // 35

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Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: Cheering for improvements
IBM Perspective: Three ways to deliver data insights to the waitless world
Techbits: Serving seniors
Case Study: Child's Play: Scandinavian House uses cloud to improve services for both itself and its customers
Cover Story: Immediate Information, Immediate Advantage: Together NTT DATA, SAP and IBM bring native SAP HANA capabilities to Power Systems
Feature: Pure Power: New IBM converged infrastructure system saves time and resources
Tech Showcase: Businesses must look at data's big picture to take advantage of analytics
Trends: Don't underestimate the importance of good project management
R&D: IBM Research is working to speed the airport screening process with safer technology
Solutions: DR FlashCopy, CENTRAL, GoDrive by GoAnywhere, Maxava HA, Unified SCM Workflow, Push4Servers, TD/OMS 7
Snapshot: Lisa Bock
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Power Systems
2015 Power Systems Solution Edition Product Index

IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems - July 2015