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WEBINAR WEBINAR WEBINAR WEBINAR WEBINAR WEBINAR Create Modern Web & Mobile Apps with RPG and HTML5 Use Valence Framework to combine the best of both worlds: RPG for business logic; HTML5/JavaScript for the UI when: Wednesday, May 6 10 PT / Noon CT / 1 ET AgendA: The Valence Framework brings a best-of-both-worlds solution to IBM i modernization by combining the best of RPG for back-end database and business logic, with the best of JavaScript framework technology for the front-end UI. The key to this integration is the Valence RPG Toolkit, which enables RPG developers to create programs that communicate directly with front-end browser or mobile components in a manner similar to developers using other server-side languages such as PHP, Java or C. Richard will demonstrate how developers can quickly create RPG-based web and mobile apps using Valence. He'll include a quick walk-through of the Valence Portal, followed by the creation of a basic inquiry app, with a review of the front-end UI and back-end RPG behind it. Richard will then follow up with a demonstration of how a mobile app can be created using a similar technique. Finally, he'll walk through a number of value-added tools that are included for added developer productivity. Richard Milone CTO, CNX Corporation RegisteR Now RegisteR Now RegisteR Now RegisteR Now

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems - May 2015

Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: Speaking the same language
IBM Perspective: Turning to OpenPOWER
Partner PoV: Adopt a business-first strategy for your IBM i applications
Case Study: Cool Runnings: Polaris Industries reduces job runtimes, saves CPU usage and specs out new systems
Cover Story: Infrastructure: It's a Matter of Choice: How CAPI, OpenPOWER and Linux help businesses find the best solution
Feature: Infrastructure Matters. Myth or Truth?: People hold many misconceptions about IT infrastructure -- about what it can do and what it can't -- especially in terms of cloud and big data and analytics deployments
Trends: A deeper look at POWER8 CAPI and Data Engine for NoSQL
HotTECH Products
Tech Showcase: The hows and whys of migrating to Power
Solutions: RDB Connect 4.0; TLA Forms
Snapshot: Annie Fahy
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Power Systems
2015 Power Systems Solution Edition Product Index

IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems - May 2015