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TECHBITS PHOTO: BLOOMBERG/GETTY Watson Analyzes the State of the Union Every year, millions watch and listen to the State of the Union Address by the president of the United States. The address is followed by extensive media analysis. This year MSNBC tapped Watson* User Modeling to provide deeper insights into the president's words. MSNBC published an article explaining how the Watson service was used to analyze 14 addresses and compare the sentiments. See SOURCE: MSNBC.COM Facebook After Death What happens to your Facebook presence after you die? Until recently, unless someone had your password and could take it over, it stayed exactly as it was. Now a new feature lets people choose a legacy contact-a family member or friend who can manage their account when they pass away. A legacy contact can post on your page to announce a memorial service, respond to new friend requests, and update your profile and cover photos. He or she won't be able to log in as you or see your private messages, however. If you prefer, you can designate your account to be permanently deleted after death. SOURCE: FACEBOOK.COM Could You Be a One-Car Family? Would you need multiple cars if self-driving vehicles become a reality? After most people drive to work, their cars sit all day in a parking lot. A second car is usually required to take other family members on errands or to school. But a self-driving car could drop someone off at work and return to serve the rest of the family. A recent study at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute suggests most households (84 percent) don't have conflicting needs. With a self-driving car, the report says 43 percent of Americans could become one-car homes. SOURCE: MASHABLE.COM APRIL 2015 // 7 http://www.MSNBC.COM http://www.FACEBOOK.COM http://www.MASHABLE.COM

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Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: Better together
IBM Perspective: A cloud powerhouse
Techbits: Watson analyzes the State of the Union
Partner PoV: Tech industry consolidation can make you a winner or a loser
Case Study: A Peek Under The Hood: AMPORTS Inc. moves to PureFlex to help ensure the future of its computing environment
Cover Story: Simply Open: IBM and its partners build a strong Power cloud ecosystem
Feature: Journey To The Cloud: IBM has the roadmap you need to get to business innovation
R&D: IBM Research is working to better diagnose osteoporosis - and make computing more economical
Solutions: Integration Link; Password Reset Manager; SUPERMON for iSeries v100; Showcase 10
Snapshot: Richard Lynch
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Power Systems
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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems - April 2015