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PARTNER PoV In ALIGNMENT Productivity results when database utilities align with your digits M y daughters and I ran into one of their old high school friends at the mall the other day. After a quick catch up on who’s doing what, where and when, they hugged and promised to stay in touch. As we turned to walk away, their friend hollered, “Wait! Do you have my digits?” Shelli Peck is the VP of business development at ProData. What was this guy talking about? Apparently, I was the only one in the dark, as both of my girls pulled out their iPhones, delved into their contact databases and confirmed within seconds that yes, they had his “digits.” Wow. Digits, aka data, are everywhere. Everything seems to revolve around it. And as one might expect in a culture of instant 12 // OCTOBER 2013 gratification, quick access to that data is essential. It’s no different in the business world. IT departments are constantly hit with data-based requests from different departments. These requests include a wide range of projects, from custom reports, process evaluation and system diagnostics to database research or modifications. Whatever the task, the requests all revolve around data. How quickly these requests can be fulfilled depends on the skill and knowledge of the programmers within the IT department, but even more importantly, the tools the developers have to work with— more specifically, the database tool available. The IBM i world is rife with programmer tools, but perhaps the most critical is a solid database utility.

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Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: Cool and useful
IBM Perspective: Powering Linux for next-generation workloads
Techbits: Something in the water
Partner PoV: Productivity results when database utilities align with your digits
Infographic: What makes you sick?
Case Study: A Better Course of Treatment: Seneca Medical uses advanced analytics to help a healthcare provider cut costs and maintain service
Cover Story: A Transformative Experience: How Watson and cognitive computing are changing healthcare and customer service
Feature: Perfect Partners: Linux continues to bring flexibility and virtualization to Power users
IT Today: Program to train Power Systems professionals improves membership and courseware
Trends: PowerLinux systems provide powerful yet affordable analytics
R&D: IBM Research is whipping up new recipes sure to whet the appetite
Solutions: Gravity; MIMIX DR; Storage Director 4.1; SaaS for D2D, DB-Gate; openlook; Document Management System v4; Virtual Machine Backup 5.0; Catapult 7.8; Wings 6.1 and Mobile RPG 6.1; Data Sync Direct 6.8; Klink; HA4i
Snapshot: Juan Antonio Cavallo
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Power Systems
2014 Mainframe Solutions Edition

IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems - October 2013