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Next What’s new in R&D The Right Treatment Healthcare analytics promises to increase the speed and accuracy of diagnoses B oth patients and doctors have a stake in ensuring doctors deliver the best medical care possible. Often, this involves highly educated guesswork on the physicians’ part, based on academic research, known medical knowledge and the physicians’ own real-world learning experiences. By Jim Utsler But recent advances in healthcare analytics, including large pools of longitudinal patient and research data, are on the cusp of speeding up medical care and improving patient outcomes. That research is already bearing fruit, according to Shahram Ebadollahi, senior manager of Healthcare Systems and Analytics Research at IBM Research, most notably in the recently announced— and now commercially available—IBM Patient Care and Insights. 32 M AY 2 0 1 3 Q. What drove IBM Research to study advanced analytics in healthcare? A. In 2009, we realized a key trend in healthcare was the move toward becoming an evidence-centric ecosystem, which was being driven by the universal need to improve health outcomes while reducing the costs of care delivery. Within IBM Research, we wondered what our role in enabling that shift could be. We came up with three

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - May 2013

IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - May 2013
Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: Making Something Great
Data Display: Cities Are Reaching Their Limits
Insider: Migrating to IBM Power or PureSystems Can Bring Business Upswings
Case Study: Heavy Lifting: AmQuip revamps its reporting and gains more control over its business
Cover Story: Making DevOps Real for Power Systems: Linking development and operations for the continuous delivery of software innovation
Feature: Agility Matters: Become more agile and innovative with your IBM i projects
Next: Healthcare Analytics Promises to Increase the Speed and Accuracy of Diagnoses
Solutions: Messenger8; Authority Broker 4.0; STORServer Virtual Appliance; m-Power; Presto 4.7; Zend Studio 10
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Snapshot: Devoe Leads an Amusing Life
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Power Systems
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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - May 2013