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Editor’s Desk Inside this month’s issue PHOTO BY CRAIG BARES CONTRIBUTORS Dr. Gerd Schlottig Woodcraftsman IBM researcher Dr. Gerd Schlottig, interviewed on page 32, invests his free time in data visualization and woodcraft. Schlottig enjoys improving his hand skills by shaping organic wood objects, a contrast to the inorganic data and hardware he encounters in his day job. How’s Your Resolve? I Albie Bredenhann Foodie photographer Albie Bredenhann, who took the photos on page 14, started his career in the South African Navy as a chef before landing in commercial printing with his father, a 45-year industry vet. Though it felt like a totally avoidable arranged marriage, an in-house graphic designer piqued his interest in photography. Now, Bredenhann is a full-time freelance editorial and food photographer working in Pretoria. Todd Kelsey Even though he’s located in Rochester, Minn., Todd Kelsey, featured on page 10, is IBM’s senior location executive for Alaska. Over the past 15 years, he’s worked with clients, government officials, Mount Edgecumbe High School and the University of Alaska to provide opportunities for Alaska-native students and the Science, Technology, Math, Engineering and Math Education Coalition. 6 FEBRUARY 2013 PHOTO: MIDDLE LEFT, ALBIE BREDENHANN Virtual Alaskan t’s one month into the new year, so I’ll ask: How are you doing on your resolutions? I read somewhere that nearly half of people—46 percent— don’t keep their resolutions after just one month. Those ideas of losing weight, quitting smoking and hitting the gym every day all head out the window before Valentine’s Day. I’m still hanging onto mine. In fact, last year I was diligently plugging away on 2012 resolutions when the year ended. I anticipate I’ll have the same stick-to-itiveness this year. I think success might lie in what you’re trying to achieve. Making realistic goals and having a plan to make them happen are key to successful resolution fulfillment. It only took me about 40 years to figure that out. IBM seems to have mastered this long before I did. The company has had a Power* roadmap since 2001, and it’s been true to its word in updating and following it. This month, we saw another mile marker on the roadmap fulfilled when IBM announced POWER7+* technology for several models, nearly rounding out the full family. It also announced a new Power 760 server. You can read more about that in the cover story on page 20. Since we’re talking about roadmaps, we sat down with Power Systems* General Manager Colin Parris to talk about the Power roadmap’s value proposition. You’ll find that interview on page 26. Parris also shares his thoughts on IT hot buttons and pain points—and what the future holds for the platform. IBM Research continues to innovate all of the time—pushing the boundaries of technology to points only dreamed of. Read how sandcastles can be an inspiration for new breakthroughs on page 32. And IBM isn’t the only company accomplishing its goals. The case study on page 14 shares the story of a South African company’s modernization achievements. Don’t wait until New Year’s Eve to make good, achievable, meaningful resolutions. Start today with your best planning and follow through to reach your goals. Incorporating a proven resolution-keeper such as IBM is a good plan, too. Together, we can do it. Tami Deedrick, Managing Editor Contact Tami at

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Editor's Desk: How's Your Resolve?
Dashboard: From "Jeopardy!" to Med School; Asia-Pacific Leads Mobile Trend; Talk to Your Hand
Case Study: Wired For the Future: Procuro modernizes its systems from back to front
Cover Story: The Plus in Power: IBM delivers POWER7+ advantages to more clients
Feature: A Powerful Value Proposition: The Power roadmap guides the platform as it strives to provide competitive advantage for clients
Next: IBM Researchers Use Sandcastle Mechanics to Improve Heat Dissipation in Stacked Chips
Solutions: ARP-SFTP; Accelerator for .NET 3.7; Change Tracker; SSO stat!; Attachmate Reflection 2011 R3; maxView; WebReport/i 12.03
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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - February 2013