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Snapshot Meet your peers Leroux’s Tahitian Dream PHOTOGRAPHY BY CAMERON SADEGHPOUR The greatest challenge my data center faces today is balancing demand for increased functionality and growth with cost containment, especially for high availability and disaster recovery. The next big thing for my project is taking more advantage of our external storage with PowerHA* and the capabilities of the Storwize* V7000. My favorite IBM product is IBM i because it’s so flexible and makes it easy to incorporate new capabilities. I like being able to say, “We can do that.” The innovation that’s made the biggest impact on my life is the capability to take music with me almost anywhere I go. My favorite activity outside of work is traveling and seeing the world. My favorite musical artist is Neko Case. The best movie I’ve seen recently is “Les Intouchables.” My favorite book is “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” If money were no object, I’d purchase Tahiti. My guilty pleasure is a glass of port. The geekiest thing I’ve ever done is reread Douglas Hofstadter’s “Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid,” which was assigned to me in college but I felt I didn’t get enough out of it the first time. Almost 25 years later, I got around to doing it! The trends affecting my work are modernization and mobilization. They’re changing the way applications are used and viewed, and that impacts everything and everyone supporting those applications. 40 FEBRUARY 2013 NAME: Bob Leroux // TITLE: IBM i architect // COMPANY NAME: Accenture // COMPANY FUNCTION: Management consulting, technology services and outsourcing // HQ: Global with offices and operations in more than 200 cities in 54 countries // YEARS IN IT: 29

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Editor's Desk: How's Your Resolve?
Dashboard: From "Jeopardy!" to Med School; Asia-Pacific Leads Mobile Trend; Talk to Your Hand
Case Study: Wired For the Future: Procuro modernizes its systems from back to front
Cover Story: The Plus in Power: IBM delivers POWER7+ advantages to more clients
Feature: A Powerful Value Proposition: The Power roadmap guides the platform as it strives to provide competitive advantage for clients
Next: IBM Researchers Use Sandcastle Mechanics to Improve Heat Dissipation in Stacked Chips
Solutions: ARP-SFTP; Accelerator for .NET 3.7; Change Tracker; SSO stat!; Attachmate Reflection 2011 R3; maxView; WebReport/i 12.03
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Snapshot: Leroux's Tahitian Dream
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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - February 2013