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Solutions New offerings in the marketplace ARP-SFTP Arpeggio Software A rpeggio Software, a provider of security software solutions for IBM i, releases a free version of its secure FTP product ARP-SFTP. The product: ¤ Is a native implementation of sFTP based on the OpenSSH library ¤ Enables IBM i users to automate any type of file transfer process over a secure shell (SSH) connection with support for DB2* files and IFS ¤ Automates sFTP transfers ¤ Provides a CL command interface for scripting any type of sFTP process ¤ Includes support for many SSH server key types such as RSA1, RSA2, DSA and ECDSA ¤ Offers various authentication methods including password, key-based and dual factor ¤ Helps prevent man-in-the-middle attacks through server key comparison Accelerator for .NET 3.7 Surround Technologies S urround Technologies releases version 3.7 of Accelerator for .NET Software Development Solution, its productivity solution for the development and use of .NET applications with IBM i. New features include: ¤ Memory-management improvements ¤ Launch Pad UX, letting users quickly access such core components of the product as maintenance, administration, wizards and acceleration tools ¤ Wizard UX, which automates more of the process and cuts the generation steps from 17 to 8 Change Tracker OS SUPPORT: IBM i 7.1-5.4, i5/OS* V5R3 PRICE: No charge URL: arpsftp Raz-Lee Security R az-Lee Security enhances its Change Tracker product, which automatically and comprehensively tracks software modifications in IBM i production libraries and in the IFS, to support tracking IBM i PTFs installed on the system. Change Tracker: ¤ Addresses regulations such as SOX, HIPAA and PCI with auditing and traceability ¤ Monitors and logs programs, files and other types of objects at source and object levels ¤ Requires no operator intervention and relies on the actual updates performed within a library 36 FEBRUARY 2013 ¤ Faster generation, handled internally, using text files with no external resources needed, which decreases generation time more than 70 percent, according to the company ¤ An event log module for easier capture, storage, alerting and viewing of information for administrators ¤ Customized view settings ¤ Filter enhancements ¤ Time zone support ¤ Logging and tracing support for newlook screens, used for modernization with reuse of existing 5250- or 3270-based systems OS SUPPORT: IBM i 7.1-5.4 PRICE: Starting at $25,000 URL: ¤ Incorporates a real-time PTF tracking component that automatically tracks Apply and Remove activity including all objects comprising the PTF ¤ Records the current status of each PTF in the system ¤ Offers built-in, yet customizable, reports and an internal report generator that enables standard reporting as well as e-mailed HTML, PDF and CSV output ¤ Features central administration so multi-LPAR and multisite organizations can produce reporting across the organization OS SUPPORT: All versions of IBM i, i5/OS* and OS/400* PRICE: Starting at $3,000 URL:

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Solutions: ARP-SFTP; Accelerator for .NET 3.7; Change Tracker; SSO stat!; Attachmate Reflection 2011 R3; maxView; WebReport/i 12.03
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