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Next What’s new in R&D A Day at the Beach IBM researchers use sandcastle mechanics to improve heat dissipation in stacked chips W hen kids build sandcastles on the beach, they usually don’t think about the physics involved—unless they have an IQ of 170 and received early admission to MIT. But maybe they should. After all, the science behind a day at the beach represents a new approach IBM Research is taking toward building stacked chips. By Jim Utsler Based on what’s called capillary bridging, the approach includes injecting nanoparticle-filled liquids into stacks, letting the liquid evaporate and then creating necks that allow for greater heat dissipation in 3-D stacks than traditional methods. According to Gerd Schlottig, IBM researcher, this helps the concept of 3-D chip stacking for high-performance applications move from the experimental to the 32 FEBRUARY 2013 practical, overcoming the seemingly insurmountable problem of everfaster computers drawing more and more energy from the power grid. Q. What’s the significance of stacked chips? A. There are two perspectives regarding that. One, when we go in the direction of a third dimension we can create chip technology that’s much more energy efficient than

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Dashboard: From "Jeopardy!" to Med School; Asia-Pacific Leads Mobile Trend; Talk to Your Hand
Case Study: Wired For the Future: Procuro modernizes its systems from back to front
Cover Story: The Plus in Power: IBM delivers POWER7+ advantages to more clients
Feature: A Powerful Value Proposition: The Power roadmap guides the platform as it strives to provide competitive advantage for clients
Next: IBM Researchers Use Sandcastle Mechanics to Improve Heat Dissipation in Stacked Chips
Solutions: ARP-SFTP; Accelerator for .NET 3.7; Change Tracker; SSO stat!; Attachmate Reflection 2011 R3; maxView; WebReport/i 12.03
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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - February 2013