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WEBINAR End the Capacity Allocation Tug o‘ War: Energize Your Power Platform Performance Monitoring Made Easy WHO SHOULD ATTEND CIOs, Power Systems managers, IBM application managers, Virtualization managers, Performance analysts, Capacity planners WHEN Thursday, December 13 | 9 PT / 11 CT / Noon ET AGENDA Tired of the capacity allocation tug o‘ war? As the IBM Power guru, your work often straddles two competing business goals -- sizing LPARs to maximize application performance and sizing LPARs to maximize physical resource utilization. Over-provisioning resources for high performance makes your business managers happy while upsetting your CFO. Over-committing resources to maximize resource utilization pleases your CFO but upsets your business managers. The key to right-sizing your IBM environment is using performance and utilization data to drive your capacity allocation decisions. But who has time? It could take weeks to consolidate all the data from your various monitoring products. Not to mention, your current monitoring tools don’t give you full visibility into the actual resource headroom or how WPARs use LPAR resources. All the while, your data is aging making your capacity analysis inaccurate before you even begin. If this scenario sounds all too familiar, join us for this webinar. We will help you switch from a fire-fighting mode to a capacity optimization mode. No more getting caught in the middle, put the power of decision making on your side. FEATURING Patrick Higgins Sr. Sales Engineer ORSYP Software, Inc. REGISTER TODAY

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - December 2012

IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - December 2012
Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: The Power of HA
IBM Perspective: Reduce IT Risk With Resiliency
Dashboard: Hands-Free Snacking; Traffic Trends; No Place Like Home
Insider: Resiliency Best Practices Can Ensure a Successful Healthcare Data Migration
Cover Story: Round-the-Clock Protection: SBMs and their business partners increasingly see the value in PowerHA
Feature: Rest Easy No Matter The Weather: PowerHA for IBM i provides high availability for a broad spectrum of users
Feature: Maintaining a Strong Heartbeat: PowerHA 7.1 keeps AIX enterprise clients up and running
Trends: IT Plays a Crucial Role in Continuous-Improvement Efforts
Next: Quantum Computing Might be Closer Than Previously Thought
Solutions: iFileAudit Release 5; WebSmart ILE 9.3; Command; Skybot Scheduler 3.0; DBXFlex; Operations Knowledge Module for IBM i; Intigua; Systems Backup Administrator 8.1
Advertisers Index
Snapshot: Ritter Dives Into Development
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Power Systems
2013 Power Systems Buyer's Guide Index

IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - December 2012