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Editor’s Desk Inside this month’s issue Joseph Gulla Arts assessor Joseph Gulla, co-author of the cloud article on page 30, is a concert, dance and theater enthusiast. Accompanied by his wife, Joe attends many arts events at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University in Durham. After each event, he writes about the experience on his Facebook page. The Heart of the Matter R Mark Yamashita Rock solid Mark Yamashita, author of the performance engineering article on page 34, is an avid rock climber with six years of experience. In that time, Yamashita has climbed on three different continents— North America, Europe and Australia. He’s served as the rock-climbing director for the Toronto IBM Club for nearly five years and has led climbing expeditions in Ontario, including the Niagara Escarpment and Bruce Peninsula. Prabhakar Attaluri Sports aficionado Prabhakar Attaluri, co-author of the cloud article on page 30, is a sports fan who says he’ll watch almost any sport. He plays badminton, tennis and cricket in his spare time, but says nothing beats watching the Chicago Bears with his young son. ecently a friend of mine had heart surgery. He’d been having a lot of problems with his heart performance but what really struck me was the rapid decline of his quality of life. Aside from the chest pain he was experiencing, his shallow breathing, fatigue and depressed immune system meant he didn’t venture out in public much and he spent a lot of time on the couch. I missed him. We didn’t go to sports events anymore because he couldn’t make the long walk to get to his seat. Any physical activity was out of the question. He avoided crowds and the sicknesses they may carry. He even had services deliver his groceries. He was dying—not just physically but socially. Then a successful medical procedure changed everything. While the surgery repaired the problem with his heart, it really gave him his life back. Now fully recovered (just sporting a gnarly scar), he’s back to playing sports, going to the theater, buying his own groceries and enjoying life. I thought of that situation when putting together this issue. The new POWER7+* processor may bump up clock speeds and add cores, but the real story is what it will do for your business. It could bring new life. The real benefit isn’t just at the raw chip level. Those improvements are great—and they’re packaged with a ton of powerful software and storage enhancements—but it’s really about delivering services faster, with higher quality and superior economics. You can read all about it in the cover story on page 24. Elsewhere in this issue you’ll find another new chip, the Holey Optochip, that’s changing the future of highperformance computing (page 38). Even more accessible to you is the new IBM Rational* Developer for Power* Performance Advisor that can make software development much easier (page 34). And you’ll see how cloud obstacles can float away in the feature on page 30. I want to also draw your attention to two supplements riding along with this issue. The new 2013 Power Systems Buyer’s Guide has arrived and offers resources for solutions to your most pressing challenges. Also, we’ve surveyed readers about IBM i adoption of mobile technology and we share those insights in the included special report. Information such as this magazine and its supplements are designed to get straight to the core of your needs. The heart of the matter is the success of your business. With POWER7+, you may just find a healthier heart. Tami Deedrick, Managing Editor Contact Tami at OCTOBER 2012 PHOTO BY CRAIG BARES CONTRIBUTORS 7

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - October 2012

IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems - October 2012
Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: The Heart of the Matter
IBM Perspective: The Road to Business Value
Dashboard: Innovation Time Machine; Backed by Solar Power; Phantom Vibration Syndrome; Women Rule the Social Media World
Insider: How to Plan a Modernization Project
Focus on Storage: Easy Tier and DS8000 Are Two of Many Storage Innovations Driven by IBM's Vincent Hsu
Case Study: A Light in the Dark: Capital Lighting improves sales by moving to a modifiable ERP system
Cover Story: A Positive Step for POWER7: Introducing new enterprise Power Systems and software
Feature: Overcoming Cloud Obstacles: The benefits far outweigh the challenges associated with integrating cloud solutions
FYI: Avoid the Dreaded Rewrite With IBM Rational Developer for Power Performance Advisor
Next: Holey Optochip is Blazingly Fast, Thanks to Holes, Light and a Lot of Imagination
Solutions: WebSmart PHP 4.4; NGS Software Developer Kit; Storage Director 3.04; LongRange; Profound UI 4.0; Accelerator for .NET 3.5; AO Foundation; Alliance LogAgent; FlexTools V5.0; SPHiNX 8.3
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Snapshot: Shutterbug Lefebvre Loves to Travel
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Power Systems
Mobile Survey Special Report: Mobile Use on IBM i
Smarter Computing
2013 Power Systems Buyer's Guide

IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - October 2012