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Dashboard News to use INNOVATION TIME MACHINE A free, interactive app for iPad and Android tablets ( offers tech fans and educators an “innovation time machine,” illustrating how early tools have evolved into modern advances. Inspired by IBM’s 2011 THINK exhibit at the Lincoln Center in New York, the app documents the roots of big data—including early charts and scales, microscopes, telescopes, RFID chips and biomedical sensors—and features thousands of images and historical anecdotes. SOURCE: IBM WOMEN RULE THE SOCIAL MEDIA WORLD Of the 144.6 million Americans who use at least one social networking site, women dominate the landscape and account for 56 percent of users, according to a recent survey. Every month, women log 99 million more visits to social media sites than men. Also, 64 Backed by Solar Power With the proliferation of handheld electronic devices—smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.—many users, particularly students, are frequently on the lookout for an outlet to charge devices when batteries get low. Now, mobile users can charge on the go. Several companies are offering backpacks with built-in solar panels that let users charge devices without being tethered to an electrical wall outlet. SOURCE: BRIGHT HUB percent of Twitter users and 58 percent of Facebook users are women. Men, however, lead the way on such sites as LinkedIn (63 percent) and Google+ (71 percent). SOURCE: MASHABLE Phantom Vibration Syndrome As many as 70 percent of heavy users of mobile devices could be experiencing phantom vibrations—a tactile hallucination felt when people carrying pagers or cell phones sense a vibration when the device is not vibrating. In a survey of 169 medical staff members at an academic medical center, 115 reported the phenomenon. Strategies for alleviating phantom vibrations include taking the device off vibrate mode, changing the location of the device (e.g., from a pants pocket to a shirt pocket) or using a different device. SOURCE: NATIONAL CENTER FOR BIOTECHNOLOGY INFORMATION 10 OCTOBER 2012

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - October 2012

IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems - October 2012
Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: The Heart of the Matter
IBM Perspective: The Road to Business Value
Dashboard: Innovation Time Machine; Backed by Solar Power; Phantom Vibration Syndrome; Women Rule the Social Media World
Insider: How to Plan a Modernization Project
Focus on Storage: Easy Tier and DS8000 Are Two of Many Storage Innovations Driven by IBM's Vincent Hsu
Case Study: A Light in the Dark: Capital Lighting improves sales by moving to a modifiable ERP system
Cover Story: A Positive Step for POWER7: Introducing new enterprise Power Systems and software
Feature: Overcoming Cloud Obstacles: The benefits far outweigh the challenges associated with integrating cloud solutions
FYI: Avoid the Dreaded Rewrite With IBM Rational Developer for Power Performance Advisor
Next: Holey Optochip is Blazingly Fast, Thanks to Holes, Light and a Lot of Imagination
Solutions: WebSmart PHP 4.4; NGS Software Developer Kit; Storage Director 3.04; LongRange; Profound UI 4.0; Accelerator for .NET 3.5; AO Foundation; Alliance LogAgent; FlexTools V5.0; SPHiNX 8.3
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Snapshot: Shutterbug Lefebvre Loves to Travel
Reference Point - Global Events, Education, Resources for Power Systems
Mobile Survey Special Report: Mobile Use on IBM i
Smarter Computing
2013 Power Systems Buyer's Guide

IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - October 2012