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Dashboard News to use BIG BANG TO BIG BUBBLE DATA ’Bots University of Hawaii scientists have created microscopic “robots” from bubbles of air in a saline solution. Using lasers of varying intensity, these microbubbles can be controlled to move in different directions at different speeds. In one demonstration, they passed glass microbeads to each other. Eventually, a colony of such bubble robots could be used to create microstructures and then be popped when the work is complete. SOURCE: PHYS.ORG The Square Kilometer Array (SKA), an international effort to build the world’s largest and most sensitive radio telescope, will require low-power, extremely fast, exascale computing systems comparable to the processing power of several million of today’s fastest computers. To meet such requirements, the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy and IBM are embarking on a five-year, 32.9-billion-euro research project. When deployed in 2024, it is estimated that SKA will be able to view distant galaxies, dark matter and the origins of the cosmos—daily generating about double the data that the Internet does today. SOURCE: IBM CURRENT CONDITIONS A Wooden Light Bulb? Artist Ryosuke Fukusada has created a wooden light bulb that actually works without bursting into flames. While it looks as though it’s carved from a block of wood, it’s actually an LED bulb covered by a thin wooden shell. The shell allows light to shine through, creating an orange glow, but because LEDs produce little heat, the risk of fire is small. SOURCE: GIZMODO CEOs Going Social While only 16 percent of CEOs use social business platforms to connect with customers today, that number is expected to leap to 57 percent in the next three to five years, according to an IBM CEO study. Currently the least-utilized customer-interaction channel, social media will become the No. 2 engagement method within the next five years, CEOs predict, second only to face-to-face interaction. SOURCE: IBM 8 SEPTEMBER 2012

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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems - September 2012
Editor's Desk: It's the Economy, Genius
IBM Perspective: Myths and Truths About Cost
Dashboard: Big Bang to Big Data; A Wooden Light Bulb?; CEOs Going Social; Bubble 'Bots
Insider: Virtualization Blends the Best of Disk and Tape
Case Study: Mobile Defender: Jacksonville Public Defender's Office better serves clients with document imaging and mobile access
Cover Story: A Pivotal Position: CFOs link up with CIOs to move business forward
Feature: A New Lease on Your Business Life: Analyst Cal Braunstein offers economic perspective and advice
Focus on Storage: Store More Data With New Real-time Compression Technology
Next: Biometric Identifiers Will Soon Allow CIOs to Worry Less About Authentication Issues
FYI: Hot, Warm and Cold Data Find a Home With Storage Groups
Solutions: SafeNet/i; STORServer Backup Appliance; Robot/SCHEDULE Enterprise; SignHere 1.3.3; Double-Take for AIX 4.0; Presto 4; ARCAD 8.15; Compleo Designer; JD Edwards World A9.3; Change Tracker
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Snapshot: Enselman Books Through Application Modernization
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Women in Technology
Publisher's Letter: Leaders in Technology
CIO Jeanette Horan steers Big Blue into newly charted waters
FIDM's Roxanne Reynolds-Lair explains what makes her tick
IT is right where IBM's Zarina Stanford wants to be
Technology runs in the blood of zNextGener Kristine Harper
Susan Gantner works magic as a programmer and educator
Kirsten Craft enjoys taking on the challenges that come with an IT position
On the Move: These women have also pursued notable IT careers
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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - September 2012