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ILE OB M DER FEN DE Jacksonville Public Defender’s Office better serves clients with document imaging and mobile access BY JIM UTSLER & PHOTOGRAPHY BY JONPAUL DOUGLASS I t’s almost a movie cliché: An overworked public defender pulling a dolly of bungeed case files behind her, off to a long day at the courthouse. But there’s more truth to this than even moviemakers let on, with some attorneys juggling dozens of cases at a time, each requiring hundreds of supporting documents, photos, handwritten notes and other bits of relevant information. Until recently, this was the situation at the Jacksonville Public Defender’s Office in Florida, says Shannon Schott, a Jacksonville assistant public defender. “One case might have six filing cabinets’ worth of paper, and much of that was shared between different agencies,” she says. “For example, it might also be documented in the state attorney’s office and the clerk’s office, so there would be three copies of everything floating around—that’s how much paper was being used in these cases.” Thankfully, the elected public defender, Matt Shirk, had enough technological insight to know a solution to this problem must exist. Working with IT Director Joe Frasier, he encouraged the organization to embark on a quest to go paperless, including in the courtroom. “I told Joe, ‘I think we need to change how we deal with case files,’ ” Shirk recalls. “So he and I sat down and went over some ideas to help us head in that direction. One of the things we discussed was how our 14 SEPTEMBER 2012 lawyers could go to court without any files but instead with little computers. Joe’s a brilliant programmer and already had some solutions in mind, which eventually morphed into the system we’re now using.” Using Real Vision Software’s Real Vision Imaging (RVI) solution as the linchpin, attorneys with the public defender’s office now have wireless, online access to everything related to the cases they’re working on, including both structured and unstructured data. And they can tap into it right in the courtroom, either using laptops or Apple iPads, depending on their preference— no cartons of files and dollies needed. Paper Clips and Staples The Jacksonville Public Defender’s Office is a busy place, with around 76 attorneys handling nearly 50,000 cases a year. Its clients include court-appointed citizens who are involved in criminal cases ranging from simple misdemeanors and traffic violations to complex felonies and homicides. It officially serves the 4th Judicial Circuit, which includes Florida’s

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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems - September 2012
Editor's Desk: It's the Economy, Genius
IBM Perspective: Myths and Truths About Cost
Dashboard: Big Bang to Big Data; A Wooden Light Bulb?; CEOs Going Social; Bubble 'Bots
Insider: Virtualization Blends the Best of Disk and Tape
Case Study: Mobile Defender: Jacksonville Public Defender's Office better serves clients with document imaging and mobile access
Cover Story: A Pivotal Position: CFOs link up with CIOs to move business forward
Feature: A New Lease on Your Business Life: Analyst Cal Braunstein offers economic perspective and advice
Focus on Storage: Store More Data With New Real-time Compression Technology
Next: Biometric Identifiers Will Soon Allow CIOs to Worry Less About Authentication Issues
FYI: Hot, Warm and Cold Data Find a Home With Storage Groups
Solutions: SafeNet/i; STORServer Backup Appliance; Robot/SCHEDULE Enterprise; SignHere 1.3.3; Double-Take for AIX 4.0; Presto 4; ARCAD 8.15; Compleo Designer; JD Edwards World A9.3; Change Tracker
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Snapshot: Enselman Books Through Application Modernization
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Women in Technology
Publisher's Letter: Leaders in Technology
CIO Jeanette Horan steers Big Blue into newly charted waters
FIDM's Roxanne Reynolds-Lair explains what makes her tick
IT is right where IBM's Zarina Stanford wants to be
Technology runs in the blood of zNextGener Kristine Harper
Susan Gantner works magic as a programmer and educator
Kirsten Craft enjoys taking on the challenges that come with an IT position
On the Move: These women have also pursued notable IT careers
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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - September 2012