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Dashboard News to use Temporary Moons? When the Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona discovered an unknown object orbiting Earth in 2006, astronomers were surprised to learn the small asteroid—eventually dubbed RH120—was, in fact, a temporary moon. The asteroid spent about nine months in orbit before breaking free from Earth’s gravity. Temporary moons are actually quite common; at least one natural satellite measuring about 3 feet wide orbits the planet at any given time, researchers say. Each asteroid makes about three trips around the Earth, departing after about 10 months. SOURCE: TECHNOLOGY REVIEW SMART CLOTHING Body-monitoring clothing will be the top technology trend of 2012, according to New York-based ad agency JWT. For example, AT&T plans to sell bio-tracking clothes for athletes, first responders and military personnel. The Somnus shirt from Nyx Devices can monitor sleep patterns, and Under Armour’s E39 shirt has a removable sensor pack that tracks heart rate and body temperature data, which wearers can review on mobile devices. SOURCE: JWT Untapped Power Source In the next five years, advances in renewable energy technology will allow people to collect everyday kinetic energy to power their homes, offices and cities. This could include recharging batteries by walking, jogging and bicycling. IBM scientists in Ireland are even exploring ways to convert ocean wave energy into electricity. SOURCE: IBM Why We Unfriend When it comes to dropping friends, the reasons can be many. However, a survey of Facebook users found that more than half—55 percent—cited offensive comments as the reason for removing someone from their social network. The second most common reason given, at 41 percent, was simply not knowing the person well. SOURCE: NM INCITE 8 MARCH 2012

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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - March 2012
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Editor's Desk: Want to Get Engaged?
Dashboard: Temporary Moons? - Smart Clothing Untapped Power Source - Why We Unfriend
FYI: As IBM i 5.4 Support Ends, IBM Advises Moving to 7.1 Now
Case Study: A Cool Solution: Behler-Young beats the heat of the disaster recovery with SPHiNX
Cover Story: Flattening the World: Businesses adopt social tools to improve effectiveness and efficiency
Feature: Over-the-Fence Conversations: IBM puts down the megaphone to engage individuals
Next: IBM Researchers Work on New Ways to Combat Life-Threatening Bacteria
Solutions: PASSPORT Host Integration Objects - GammaSoft Executive Suite - Attunity Replicate - LANSA Data Sync Direct Version 6.7 - SPHiNX 8.1 - AIX Health Check - Performance Navigator 15.1 featuring EXPO - Coda Financials -Destination: Control Version 12 - Xcase Modernize-DB V9.1
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IBM Perspective: The Wisdom of Crowds
Snapshot: James Horio Discovers the Art of IT
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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - March 2012