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Editor’s Desk Inside this month’s issue Ian Jarman History buff With a master’s degree in American history, Ian Jarman, interviewed for the article on page 10, has a passion for visiting historical sites. He particularly enjoys traveling to French World War I memorials that honor the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, or ANZACs, his Australian grandfather’s unit. Jarman’s last visit, in 2011, was to Vimy Ridge, a key win for the Allies. Want to Get Engaged? ne thing I hope and strive for is more engagement with our readers. I’m interested in what you think, whether articles are useful to you and even who you are as people outside of work. To that end, I make Twitter a priority and check Facebook daily. Our growth in social media has been pretty impressive. The IBM i Twitter account (@ibmimag) saw a 103 percent increase in followers in 2011. AIX* (@aixmag) has experienced 68 percent growth. But it’s not just about the numbers. In a practical sense, Twitter has been useful for building relationships, discovering and sharing news, and helping us find unique features and story ideas for the magazine each month. To that end, the cover story on page 18 is an interview with IBM’s Sandy Carter about social engagement. Sandy is active on Twitter, so I approached her in that medium about the possibility of doing an interview. She tweeted back, and within moments, it was a done deal. The article defines social business, and how it’s much more than having a presence on Twitter and Facebook. O Evelyn Hoover Castle dweller The magazine’s executive editor and author of the cover story on page 18, Evelyn Hoover, lived in a castle in England for a semester her junior year in college. The Duke of Northumberland’s Alnwick Castle was her home while she was enrolled in a study abroad program. The castle is often used as a setting for television shows and films, including two Harry Potter movies. Brian Kelly Ice cream addict Grand Rapids, Mich.-based artist Brian Kelly, who photographed the case study subject on page 14, was born into a family of ice-milk eaters and is a connoisseur of fine gelatos and various artisan ice creams. He’s also photographed funny ladies Betty White and Margaret Cho as a part of Michigan’s inaugural LaughFest ( IBM has used social business internally for years. The company’s outward-facing social strategy is also in high gear. Hundreds of IBMers are active on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, SlideShare, Tumblr, YouTube and scores more. It’s all part of engaging with IBM clients and contributing to important conversations happening worldwide. You can read more about IBM Power Systems* engagement in the feature on page 24, and you’ll find a list of active IBMers you’ll want to know about. Online, we’ve offered more extensive profiles as well as each person’s tips for social success. You might also be surprised to know this month’s Snapshot profile on page 40 was obtained via Twitter, as were several others already published and some in the pipeline. It’s an active and vast social world, but come on in; the water’s fine. And you never know what you might learn and whom you might meet. I hope you start with me. Tami Deedrick, Managing Editor Contact Tami at Follow us on Twitter and Facebook Read our blogs 6 MARCH 2012 PHOTO BY CRAIG BARES CONTRIBUTORS

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - March 2012

IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - March 2012
Table of Contents
Editor's Desk: Want to Get Engaged?
Dashboard: Temporary Moons? - Smart Clothing Untapped Power Source - Why We Unfriend
FYI: As IBM i 5.4 Support Ends, IBM Advises Moving to 7.1 Now
Case Study: A Cool Solution: Behler-Young beats the heat of the disaster recovery with SPHiNX
Cover Story: Flattening the World: Businesses adopt social tools to improve effectiveness and efficiency
Feature: Over-the-Fence Conversations: IBM puts down the megaphone to engage individuals
Next: IBM Researchers Work on New Ways to Combat Life-Threatening Bacteria
Solutions: PASSPORT Host Integration Objects - GammaSoft Executive Suite - Attunity Replicate - LANSA Data Sync Direct Version 6.7 - SPHiNX 8.1 - AIX Health Check - Performance Navigator 15.1 featuring EXPO - Coda Financials -Destination: Control Version 12 - Xcase Modernize-DB V9.1
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IBM Perspective: The Wisdom of Crowds
Snapshot: James Horio Discovers the Art of IT
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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - March 2012