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Next What’s new in R&D Bugging Out IBM researchers work on new ways to combat life-threatening bacteria By Jim Utsler A ntibiotics are largely positive, helping people fight off potentially life-threatening infections. But the unfortunate trade-off to their continued and ubiquitous use is the bacteria they’re designed to attack and destroy develops immunity to the treatment. The results are so-called “superbugs” that evolve beyond traditional treatments. Combating them is an uphill battle. Although this research hasn’t been released yet, it holds great promise, from staving off deadly staph infections to potential preventive use in toothpastes and bandages. And as Hedrick notes, it may be the start to removing the “super” from superbugs. Q. Why are issues regarding antibiotics becoming increasingly important? A. Many strains of bacteria are slowly becoming resistant to antibiotics. You may have heard of MRSA (Methicillinresistant Staphylococcus Aureus), Researchers across the globe are attempting to tackle this issue—and some of IBM’s best are among them. Working with several public and private organizations, IBM researchers such as James Hedrick, research staff member with the IBM ResearchAlmaden lab outside San Jose, Calif., are taking a different approach to fighting bacteria, using the company’s extensive background in semiconductor technology to create nanostructures that destroy bacteria by ripping through cell walls and membranes. It’s a fundamentally different mode of attack compared to traditional antibiotics. 32 MARCH 2012

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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - March 2012
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Dashboard: Temporary Moons? - Smart Clothing Untapped Power Source - Why We Unfriend
FYI: As IBM i 5.4 Support Ends, IBM Advises Moving to 7.1 Now
Case Study: A Cool Solution: Behler-Young beats the heat of the disaster recovery with SPHiNX
Cover Story: Flattening the World: Businesses adopt social tools to improve effectiveness and efficiency
Feature: Over-the-Fence Conversations: IBM puts down the megaphone to engage individuals
Next: IBM Researchers Work on New Ways to Combat Life-Threatening Bacteria
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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - March 2012