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Editor’s Desk Inside this month’s issue CONTRIBUTORS Beth Hoffman Tennis traveler Beth Hoffman, who wrote the analytics article on page 8, plays tennis and has competed on United States Tennis Association and Ultimate Tennis teams for more than 10 years. She traveled to Melbourne to see the 2007 Australian Open and hopes to attend the other three tennis grand slams someday. Smart Laziness S Nitin Vadukul A-list photographer Nitin Vadukul is a photographer, filmmaker and avid dreamer. Claiming to “specialize in diversity,” Vadukul has shot portraits of such A-list celebrities as Ozzy Osbourne and Tim Roth. With our cover shot, he can now add an IBM celebrity, VP Doug Brown, to the list. Jim Utsler Koi keeper On warm summer evenings, Jim Utsler, IBM Systems Magazine senior writer, and his wife like to relax next to their koi pond. The fish, which aren’t actually koi but of the lessexpensive comet variety, survive the Michigan winter thanks to a heater and bubbler that keep the water open. omeone once said, “Efficiency is intelligent laziness.” The phrase and the concept spread, but whoever said it hasn’t claimed it. I suspect doing so would just create too much work so he or she stays silent— taking credit for an accomplishment often leads to more assignments. I’ll admit it: I’m lazy. That doesn’t mean I don’t get copious amounts of work done. I just try to be as efficient as possible and search out every available shortcut to get it done faster. And I do this in every aspect of my life, not just work. I know exactly which way to mow the lawn to take the fewest steps. I’ve determined which car on the train is the closest to where I need to get on and off. I’ve got my morning routine down so that I dry my hair while the fruit for my smoothie is defrosting in the microwave. I exercise during TV commercials. I template and reuse as much as possible. Multitasking is my hallmark—and it’s always so I can get done faster and move on to what I really want to be doing. Similarly, IBM’s Smarter Planet* campaign is all about working smarter, not harder. It’s about efficiency, intelligence, analytics, cost reductions, energy savings. This issue is chock-full of smarter technology. The cover story on page 20 features IBM VP Doug Brown talking about smarter computing and how it can build capacity while holding costs flat. IBM Fellow Guru Rao shares what IBM’s Smarter Planet initiative means to enterprises in the Q&A on page 12. The Next column on page 32 shares IBM R&D’s work on renewable energy in Denmark. And the Trends column on page 8 offers a primer on business analytics and the intelligence you can find in your data. Last but not least, IBM also introduces the new Power* 775 on page 26. This water-cooled wonder is like having an energy-efficient data center in one rack, says another IBM Fellow, Ed Seminaro. One Power 775 rack is equivalent to 20 racks of today’s IT hardware, meaning you can replace 100,000 pounds of hardware with 7,000 pounds in one rack. That’s smart and efficient. Here’s wishing you plenty of smart laziness so you can get outside and enjoy these dog days of summer. As soon as I finish my next three tasks, I’ll be joining you—that means in about the next 10 minutes if I’m smart about it. Tami Deedrick, Managing Editor Contact Tami at PHOTO BY CRAIG BARES AUGUST 2011 7

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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - August 2011
Table of Contents
Editor’s Desk: Smart Laziness
Trends: An Introduction to Business Analytics
Q&A: A Better World Begins With Smarter Computing
Case Study: JAS Forwarding Discovers The True Power of CRM
Cover Story: How Smarter Computing Can Grow Capacity on Flat Costs
Feature: New Power 775 Delivers Super High Performance and Availability
Next: The EDISON Project Looks to Lower Auto Emissions and Increase Renewable-Energy Use
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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - August 2011