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Solutions New offerings in the marketplace Galileo Performance Explorer ATS Group SEQUEL Web Interface 10.0 SEQUEL Software, a Help/Systems company he ATS Group releases an IBM SAN Volume Controller and Storwize* V7000 Storage Module for its cloudbased infrastructure charting tool, Galileo Performance Explorer (Galileo PE). Built on a Software-as-a-Service architecture, Galileo PE: ¡ Automates collection of infrastructure performance data and provides quick graphical reporting through an intuitive Web interface ¡ Simplifies performance analysis of hardware and virtualization environments ¡ Enables IT and business users with real-time visibility into storage systems for smart, economical storage management ¡ Lets organizations move away from the time and cost of on-site storage resource-management tools by not requiring onsite data or hardware ¡ Installs the agent in less than five minutes ¡ Offers dashboards with interactive drill-down views of IBM SVC and Storwize performance, which can be customized by users for individual needs and are available on demand OS SUPPORT: AIX* 6.1 and 5.3, Linux* PRICE: Variable URL: T S EQUEL Software releases SEQUEL Web Interface 10.0, a new version of its browserbased interface for SEQUEL. Enhancements include: ¡ A new Explorer interface for richer interaction with existing SEQUEL objects, such as views and dashboards ¡ More powerful navigational and search capabilities ¡ Single-click access to database data from Power Systems* servers running IBM i ¡ Capabilities to download and save data as local files or IBM i files, send data as email attachments, execute drill-down functions and perform graphing functions ¡ Reporting improvements to view SEQUEL host or client reports and submit host reports, views and tables for batch processing OS SUPPORT: IBM i 7.1-5.4 PRICE: Variable URL: www.sequel-software. com m-Power mrc m rc upgrades its development tool, m-Power, to automatically create cross-platform mobile business applications. Features include: ¡ Platform and OS independence ¡ Automatic native look and feel of applications on smartphones, tablets and PCs ¡ A point-and-click interface to develop mobile apps without programming ¡ An easy learning curve to help avoid the need to hire new staff OS SUPPORT: IBM i 7.1-5.4, i5/OS* V5R3, OS/400* V5R2 and V5R1, Windows*, Linux*, UNIX* PRICE: Variable URL: 36 AUGUST 2011

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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - August 2011
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Editor’s Desk: Smart Laziness
Trends: An Introduction to Business Analytics
Q&A: A Better World Begins With Smarter Computing
Case Study: JAS Forwarding Discovers The True Power of CRM
Cover Story: How Smarter Computing Can Grow Capacity on Flat Costs
Feature: New Power 775 Delivers Super High Performance and Availability
Next: The EDISON Project Looks to Lower Auto Emissions and Increase Renewable-Energy Use
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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - August 2011