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Q&A Direct from the source Removing Barriers A better world begins with smarter computing By Mary Shacklett act on possibilities, instead of just reacting to problems. ¶ Recently, IBM Systems Magazine visited with Guru Rao, IBM Fellow and chief systems engineer, IBM Systems and Technology Group. Rao discussed IBM’s Smarter Planet* initiative, and what it means to enterprises. Q: Instrumentation, interconnection and intelligence are IBM’s three big ideas behind its Smarter Planet initiative. Why are these important, and what challenges will enterprises face in getting there? A: Every aspect of life can benefit from the instrumentation, interconnection and the infusion of intelligence into the world’s systems. Our clients, from municipal infrastructures to broad varieties of business, are transforming themselves. Cities are moving to smarter ILLUSTRATION BY MARK ALLEN MILLER A smarter planet, while global by definition, happens on the industry level. It’s driven by forward-thinking organizations that share a common outlook: They see change as an opportunity, and they 12 AUGUST 2011

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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - August 2011
Table of Contents
Editor’s Desk: Smart Laziness
Trends: An Introduction to Business Analytics
Q&A: A Better World Begins With Smarter Computing
Case Study: JAS Forwarding Discovers The True Power of CRM
Cover Story: How Smarter Computing Can Grow Capacity on Flat Costs
Feature: New Power 775 Delivers Super High Performance and Availability
Next: The EDISON Project Looks to Lower Auto Emissions and Increase Renewable-Energy Use
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Snapshot: Carey Takes Vacation Seriously
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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - August 2011