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IBM Perspective Power Systems directions 2010 and Beyond W ith the availabilit y of new POW E R 7 * processor-based systems and software across the board, from blades and entr y express models to the midrange and high end, it’s clear 2010 is a watershed year for Power Systems* technology. The POWER7 generation delivers much more than awesome new technology—that’s a given in light of IBM’s consistent, reliable POWER* roadmap. In terms of business value, these newest systems a r e t r u ly t he product of and for their times. They were developed against the backdrop of the most challengi ng e c onom ic climate the world has seen in decades, and they meet the critical tests of total cost of acquisition and ownership. Just as important, they’re designed to handle the wide variety of complex work loads t hat are emerg ing as businesses and organizations everywhere transform themselves and create new solutions for a smarter planet. It’s not just systems that are undergoing a generat ional shif t. The same t h i ng is happen i ng i n dat a center s where re sou rce utilization, electricity consumption, manageability and responsiveness to fast-shifting business requirements top the agenda. Every footprint on the 54 NOVEMBER 2010 data-center floor has to earn its place every day in this environment. It’s not news that clients who carefully weigh the business value of each new system frequently choose Power Systems solutions. More than 2,600 clients have migrated from other vendors to IBM Power* solutions over the past four years, and the trend is accelerating. A growing number a re mov i ng not ju st t r ad it iona l can increase resource utilization from as little as 6 percent to as much as 90 percent, and in some cases even higher. That can really allev iate budget pressures in the form of lower electricity bills, reduced management overhead and less space occupied on the data-center f loor. Beyond immediate financial gains, IT’s ability to respond to business requirements elevates as managers apply PowerVM* “Every footprint on the data-center floor has to earn its place every day.” —Tom Rosamilia UNIX* but also x86 applications and workloads to Power technology. In the second quarter of this year, the number of clients IBM helped reduce x86 server sprawl by consolidating to Power solutions quadrupled over the previous quarter. Fueling this sig nif icant trend is the fact that clients see Power technology, and especially POWER7, as a bigger tent than before—providing more versatility in data centers where the old models and metrics no longer make sense. Consolidating workloads from mu lt iple phy s ic a l s e r v er s ont o POWER7 virtual partitions, clients virtualization, Capacity on Demand and other capabilities to increase availability and resiliency. This year more than any in recent memory, all of us as IT professionals need to find the right answers to this question: Are we ready for the future? I believe many of the answers can be found in the new Power systems and capabilities IBM has introduced this year. Tom Rosamilia Power Systems and System z* General Manager

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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - November 2010
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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - November 2010