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Insider Insights from the industry Beyond Fighting Fires 7YVHJ[P]LÃZ`Z[LTZÃ THUHNLTLU[ÃJHUÃ Ã SLHKÃ[VÃZ\JJLZZ By Ray Wright attempt to answer thousands of breaking messages. What was he doing? Looking at the sweat on his brow, few could argue he wasn’t doing his best, or even his job. The worker himself might even define his activities as systems management. After all, if he didn’t check those messages, he’d never know if the system had generated a truly important message—the type that had the potential to bring down the network if he didn’t respond. Is that systems management? It might more appropriately be called firefighting. A better way had to exist for IT managers who’d found themselves L ong, long ago in a data center far, far away, a young IT manager spent his day running back and forth among six or seven green-screen consoles in a desperate 20 76 NOVEMBER 2010

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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - November 2010
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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - November 2010