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Dashboard News to use >HSRÃ>OPSLÃ @V\Ã>VYR Why make time for exercise when you can walk during your workday? Arizona-based TrekDesk has created the Treadmill Desk so you can do just that. Some businesses have discovered walking while working results in increased productivity, weight loss, improved moods, disease prevention, stress reduction, anger management, less absenteeism and reduced healthcare costs, says TrekDesk Founder Steve Bordley. Source: TrekDesk Photo-Chopped Did you ever see an image too good to be true? New York’s University at Albany Computer Science Professor Siwei Lyu knows you can’t always trust your eyes. He recently received the CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation to develop new methods to detect digital images that have been altered. The aim is to identify images that have been tampered with— or photo-chopped— and expose the tampered regions. Source: University of Albany According to Marist Poll, half of Americans with accounts on a social-media networking website are concerned about their privacy.  are very concerned  are not very concerned  are concerned are not concerned at all Source: Marist Poll  Multitasking Distraction filtering out irrelevant stimuli and were less effective in ignoring irrelevant tasks. A Stanford University study demonstrated that media multitasking—the consumption of more than one item or stream of content at the same time—may make you more distractable. Those who were classified as high media multitaskers had greater difficulty Source: Stanford University 12 NOVEMBER 2010

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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - November 2010
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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - November 2010