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Editor’s Desk Inside this month’s issue Shirley S. Savage Doggie friend Maine-based freelance writer Shirley S. Savage, who wrote “Take the Plunge” on page 24, is a devoted dog mom who rescued two bichon frisés and an Old English sheepdog. She volunteers for Small Paws Rescue, an organization that finds homes for bichon frisés. Her favorite way to relax is to take the pups to the beach for a long walk. Core Relationships t the very core of one of my most significant friendships is a shared experience that so deeply affected us both that our lives will be bound together forever. You likely have such relationships as well. A shared travel experience, a significant birth or death, a tragedy or major triumph, a common goal or core belief—these things can forge lifelong bonds. For example, in an attempt to recreate the buzz of its hit TV show “Lost” (which I never watched, by the way, or I’d probably be writing about that shared experience), ABC developed “The Nine” (which I did watch—for the one season it aired). “The Nine” was about nine people, mostly strangers, whose lives became forever intertwined because they were hostages for 52 hours in a bank robbery gone wrong. The show explored the relationships in the group that would have never developed without the shared experience that shook each person to the core. I thought it was fascinating. Humans are wired for relationships—and our significant relationships help shape who we are. Similarly, the best technolog y is wired for relationships too. IBM understands that what’s at the core of its technology—and how relatable that core is to the rest of the solution—is important. That’s one reason the company is releasing PowerH A* Steve Will Gamer Steve Will, chief architect of IBM i, interviewed on page 24, relaxes by playing games of many varieties— strategy board games, collectible cards, computer strategy and role playing, and has even been seen playing “The Beatles: Rock Band” at COMMON. A SystemMirror 7.1, with integration with the operating system down to the kernel. The tight integration offers a competitive advantage and a hands-off solution for high availability. You’ll find the article on page 32. Storage is also likely at the center of your business. Check out the business case for solid-state drives on page 38 and the new IBM Storwize* V7000 solution on page 44. The products can enhance your storage situation with performance increases, scalability and affordability. You’ll also find a company that’s saving a literal ton of paper each year on page 28, IBM researchers trying to preserve Moore’s Law with 3-D chips on page 48, and a message from new Power Systems* and System z* GM Tom Rosamilia on page 54. My relat ionship w it h you is built on the core of Power Systems* technology—and it’s a great base. I’d love to hear what you think of the magazine, so catch me on Twitter, Facebook, our Buzz blog or at the e-mail below. Natalie Boike Cake creator When not editing for IBM Systems Magazine, Natalie Boike can often be found in the kitchen where she bakes cakes and other sweet treats. Find her work at Tami Deedrick, Managing Editor Contact Tami at 10 NOVEMBER 2010 PHOTO BY CRAIG BARES CONTRIBUTORS

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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - November 2010
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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - November 2010