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On the Web Going Digital Every issue of IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems edition is recreated in a digital format that you can flip through like the print magazine. You can also make notes on it, save it for future reference, print pages and use the embedded hot links. This is just a sampling of the IBM Systems Magazine content available at the click of a mouse. Visit us online frequently for Web-exclusive articles, blog entries, audio tidbits and more. Come Out  www.ibmsystemsmagpower Swingin’ We beef you up with platformspecific new content every week. In the AIX corner … New Rational Power Tools for AIX: IBM releases Rational Developer for Power By George Farr In the IBM i corner … What’s New in IBM i Access for Windows: Version 7.1 eases PC use and offers new DB2 features By Lorie DuBois enewsletterexclusive/32098p1.aspx Smooth Operator: SAs and TDAs ensure installations go according to plan By Jaqui Lynch webexclusive/32426p1.aspx Big Changes for RPG in IBM i 7.1: Open Access and new built-in functions top the list By Susan Gantner and Jon Paris 55 Million Twitter says it processes more than 55 million tweets daily, and now the Library of Congress collects them all and preserves them for posterity. Read more in The Buzz blog post “History is Written by the Tweeters.” enewsletterexclusive/32470p1.aspx enewsletterexclusive/32461p1.aspx Investigating the Investigator: Performance Data Investigator gets new features By Stacy L. Benfield +more the_buzz/2010/04/history-is-writtenby-the-tweeters.html 6 JUNE 2010 webexclusive/32566p1.aspx +more

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - June 2010

IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - June 2010
Table of Contents
On the Web
Editor's Desk: Play Ball!
Dashboard: What a Ride - 10:45 - The Heat is On - Caution: Words Not to Use
Insider: Electronic Document Management Can Improve Operating Performance
Date Display: Businesses Can Be Bolder About Ditching Documents for Digital
Case Study: Bergquist Inc. Figures Sales Taxes Faster with Several Clever Solutions
Keep Data Flowing: IBM Systems Director can Help Streamline IT Traffic
A Clear View: IBM Systems Director VMControl Reveals Virtualization Today, Clouds Tomorrow
Green with Envy: Syracuse University's Energy Efficiency Is Worth Coveting
Focus on Storage: IBM System Storage Easy Tier Tailors SSDs for Your Workloads
Next: A Capacity Leap Means Tape is Here for the Long Haul
Advertisers' Index
IBM Perspective: Turning Up Control
Snapshot: Christopher Sims, Clayton County, Ga., Water Authority
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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - June 2010