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IBM Perspective Power Systems directions Turning Up Control I nformation technology is becoming more agile, dynamic and business focused. You’re required to reduce costs and maximize resource utilization. Power and cooling costs must be contained, even with the explosion of data growth and the infrastructure required to support it. New offerings such as cloud computing are becoming a reality and require consideration. The challenges of managing server sprawl have now manifested into controlling virtual-machine sprawl with increased adoption of virtualization technologies, including storage and networks. Soon, IT staff will be faced with a potpourri of management tools, interfaces and processes to manage the IT environment. And let’s not forget the administrative and lifecycle issues surrounding the maintenance of these products. That’s why IBM is improving and expanding its system-management offerings. I’ll share just a few products that extend your visibility and control of the data center, with the ultimate goal of managing with automation. IBM Systems Director 6.2 continues to build on a rich set of cross-platform management functionality by greatly s i mpl i f y i ng i n st a l l a nd up d at e experiences. Combined with seamless Tivoli* integration, IBM’s integrated ser vice-management architecture enables comprehensive and efficient management of IT resources through one unified, consistent management interface and workflow. A c t i v e E n e r g y M a n ag e r 4 . 3 continues to provide energy monitoring and management across the IBM server line. This broad perspective lets you make required adjustments that can ensure your server operations fit within your energy policies and constraints and help avoid the need for new data-center construction due to energy issues. KEY POINTS h 9LK\JLÃJVZ[ÃHUKÃPUJYLHZLÃ LMMPJPLUJ`ÃI`ÃZ[YLHTSPUPUNÃJYVZZ WSH[MVYTÃ0; YLZV\YJLÃTHUHNLTLU[Ã [OYV\NOÃHÃZPTWSPMPLKÃHUKÃ\UPMPLKÃ THUHNLTLU[ÃL_WLYPLUJL! h 4VUP[VYÃHUKÃTHUHNLÃYLHS [PTLÃPUMVYTH[PVUÃVUÃLULYN`Ã\ZLÃ 54 JUNE 2010 VMControl editions 2.3 automate a major it y of t he manual steps previously required to provision an appliance and rapidly deploy new workloads, ultimately freeing you from silos of virtualization and delivering enterprisewide visibility and control. Network Control 1.2 advanced manager extends the basic networkmanagement capabilities provided with IBM Systems Director, specifically in the virtual area. These innovations in v ir tual resource management provide a perfect springboard for deploying a cloud service within your IT environments. In the IBM CloudBurst* on Power* statement of direction IBM announced its intention to extend the platform’s support to IBM Power Systems* servers in the near future for workloads running on AIX*. This addresses customer needs for an integrated solution that’s a prepackaged and self-contained service-delivery offering. The April 2010 announcement of IBM Systems Director V6.2, VMControl V2.3, Network Control V1.2, Active Energ y Manager V4.3 and the IBM CloudBurst on Power statement of direction exemplify IBM’s commitment to profoundly improve and influence the way you manage today’s data centers, and perhaps justifies reassessing your IT strategies if you haven’t already done so. IBM’s integrated ser vice management provides visibility, control and automation across the business infrastructure. NP]PUNÃHKTPUPZ[YH[VYZÃ[OLÃPUZPNO[Ã[VÃ LMMLJ[P]LS`ÃLTWSV`ÃHJ[P]L LULYN` THUHNLTLU[Ã[LJOUVSVNPLZÃHUKÃ YLK\JLÃWV^LYÃJVUZ\TW[PVU! h 7YV]PKLÃMHZ[LYÃ[PTL [V ]HS\LÃHUKÃ NYLH[LYÃI\ZPULZZÃHNPSP[`Ã[OYV\NOÃ ZPTWSPMPLKÃ]PY[\HSPaH[PVUÃTHUHNLTLU[! Amit Dave, IBM Distinguished Engineer

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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - June 2010
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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - June 2010