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Bergquist Inc. figures sales taxes faster with several clever solutions By Jim Utsler OST PEOPLE ARE USED TO PAYING a sales tax—whether state, local or both—on the goods they purchase. After all, what’s an extra 6 percent (like I pay in Michigan) on top of a 99-cent drink from a fast-food joint? (If you’re buying a car, well, that’s a different story.) Behind the scenes, that fast-food restaurant passes those payments on to state and local authorities—and must keep a thorPHOTOS BY JIM ROHMAN ough accounting of it. And when that restaurant, perhaps one of many in a national chain, has 1,000 customers a day ordering not just sodas, but also burgers and fries, it can become an arduous task to make sure all of its tax information is in order. 20 JUNE 2010

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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - June 2010
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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - June 2010