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Insider Insights from the industry Taming the Paper Tiger ,SLJ[YVUPJÃKVJ\TLU[Ã Ã THUHNLTLU[ÃJHUÃPTWYV]LÃ VWLYH[PUNÃWLYMVYTHUJL By Bill Wilson T echnologists have been promoting the vision and benefits of a paperless office since the advent of the PC some 30 years ago. Even those on the front lines of document-management applications, however, are only just now able to say that, while still not quite paperless, they’re getting there. According to a 2009 AIIM research study (ww /infonomics / st ill-play ing-catchup-w it h-paper. aspx), the volume of paper records is still increasing steadily in 56 percent of organizations, but in 22 percent it’s at last showing signs of decreasing. Meanwhile, the volume of electronic records is increasing rapidly for 70 percent; it isn’t decreasing in any of these organizations. The real “paper tiger” that information managers should fear, however, i s do c u ment m i sma nag ement . I define document mismanagement as allowing any information that has business- or operations-management v a lu e t o b e ac c e s s i ble on l y b y retr ieving a physical paper document. Beyond saving significant file 14 JUNE 2010 and f loor space, converting records from physical to electronic can boost operating performance. Exper ience in the public and private sectors has convinced me that almost every organization can benefit from investing in electronic document management (EDM) technologies, if their information managers know how and where to hunt for the paper tiger. Creating, printing, distributing, storing and retrieving information locked within a paper document is an expensive part of business operations. On average, it costs $20 in labor to file a paper document, $120 to find a misf iled document and $ 220 to reproduce one that’s lost, according to several industry whitepapers. An EDM solution typically pays for itself ILLUSTRATION BY KEN EDMONDSON

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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - June 2010
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