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Dashboard News to use Smarter Healthcare In November, IBM launched a Health Analytics Solution Center, part of a network of global centers addressing the growing demand for advanced analytics needed to help hospitals and medical staff improve decision-making and provide higher quality care. The center, hosted in the IBM Global Solution Center in Dallas, will employ more than 100 health-analytics exper ts, technical architects and specialists who’ ll take advantage of increased comput ing power to collect and analyze data streaming in from sensors, pat ient-monitor ing systems, medical instruments and handheld dev ices as well as t he volu mes of data generated by hospit als every hour. IBM hopes to help create a smarter, more connected healthcare system that delivers better care with fewer m istakes, pred ict s and prevents disease, and empowers people to make better choices. This includes integrating data so doctors, patients and insurers can share information seamlessly and efficiently. “Tapping into mountains of data within hospitals and clinics can provide powerful new insight into what’s working and what isn’t,” says Dwight Carter, CIO of the Dallas Fort Worth Hospital Council. IBM has opened five other analytics solution centers in Berlin, Beijing, Tokyo, New York and London, with one more planned for Washington, D.C. As part of this initiative, IBM expects to retrain or hire as many as 4,000 new analytics consultants and professionals globally. Source: IBM The Cat’s Meow Scientists at IBM Research in Almaden, Calif., have built an artificial brain called Blue Matter. It consists of 1.6 billion neurons and 10 trillion learning synapses, similar in scale to a feline brain. Researchers say these advances provide a unique workbench for exploring the brain’s computational dynamics. “Learning from the brain is an attractive way to overcome power and density challenges faced in computing today,” says Josephine Cheng, IBM Fellow and lab director of IBM Research– Almaden. “As the digital and physical worlds continue to merge and computing becomes more embedded in the fabric of our daily lives, it’s imperative that we create a more intelligent computing system that can help us make sense of the vast amount of information that’s increasingly available to us.” Source: IBM SOME WORK AND SOME PLAY Can’t get enough work from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.? Now you can “play” work with an IBM Business Process Management (BPM) simulator: INNOV8 2.0. This online game can help IT workers and business players gain a better understanding of how BPM impacts profitability, customer satisfaction and environmental goals. See the game: INNOV8 Source: IBM FEBRUARY 2010

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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - February 2010
Editor's Desk: A New Technology Party
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Feature: Five Business Problems Solved By Power Systems Server Consolidation
Open Source: Lotus and Zend Boast Active Open-Source Communities
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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - February 2010