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Editor’s Desk Inside this month’s issue CONTRIBUTORS Bruno Michel Tap-dancing researcher IBM Research’s Bruno Michel, featured in the Q&A on page 46, is a trained tap dancer and now teacher. He took second in the Swiss Tap Championship in 1978, has performed in several musical productions at the Zurich Opera House and has taught tap to more than 1,000 students. Elizabeth Stahl Walkaholic Elisabeth Stahl, author of the IBM Perspective on page 54, is an avid hiker who has climbed everything from Mount Washington in the White Mountains to Grinnell Glacier in Montana. Her 2010 summer “vacation” plans include a 190-mile walk across England, from the Irish Sea to the North Sea. A New Technology Party M Nick Rotondo Visual historian This month’s cover artist, Nick Rotondo, likes to create architectural visualizations that bring history to life. Thousands of students around the world view his illustration of the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire to learn the details and logistics of this significant American industrial tragedy. y old laptop has been on its last leg for quite some time. The forward slash/question mark key is missing, making me look really stupid when I’m typing “how are you.” The screen is cracked and has developed edge creep, so the readable space is shrinking. And it’s slower than molasses in January. To add injury to insult, my wireless router at home decided its usefulness was finished. Hating to be tethered to an Ethernet cord, I hustled to the store for a new one. That’s when I discovered that my laptop CD drive no longer reads CDs. Last straw. Curtains. Stick a fork in it. I’m done. Time to break down and buy a new computer. When I walked out of the store with my new MacBook just days later, I felt like the scene in our cover story art on page 31. In my head, the confetti was flying and observers were clapping wildly. I was beaming. That investment changed everything. I was happier, more productive and smarter—properly punctuating questions in e-mails and chats! That’s how IBM is feeling about the huge announcement of POWER7* technology and four new Power Systems* servers based on it. Excitement crackles in the air as the investment the company’s made in the new technology comes to life and makes customers more productive, faster and more efficient. Catch the excitement yourself by reading the cover story on page 30. When it comes to lowering your total cost of ownership and increasing your ROI, one sure-fire way is server consolidation (and why not do it on POWER7 technology?). See the feature on page 38 to learn why this kind of project is so easy to justify. If you’re considering a storage-area network, don’t miss the case study on page 24. If you’re interested in benchmarking, see the IBM Perspective column on page 54. And if you think it would be cool to take the heat generated in your data center and use it somehow, see what IBM Research is doing on page 46. You’ll find much more in this issue. I hope the message you need right now is in its pages. Tami Deedrick, Managing Editor Contact Tami at 10 FEBRUARY 2010 PHOTO BY CRAIG BARES

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IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - February 2010
Editor's Desk: A New Technology Party
Dashboard: Smarter Healthcare's The Cat's Meow
Trends: Active Energy Manager 4.2 Integrates IT and Infrastructure
Insider: Recent Survey Explores the State of Power Systems Resilience
Case Study: Bunzl Distribution USA Assembles Success with Power Systems and SAN
Cover Story: Power Your Planet with the Latest Technology and Four New Servers
Feature: Five Business Problems Solved By Power Systems Server Consolidation
Open Source: Lotus and Zend Boast Active Open-Source Communities
Next: How the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Uses Data-Center Heat to Cut Energy Costs
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IBM Perspective: Wisely Using Performance Benchmarks

IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition - February 2010